• Production Capacity
  • Quality & Delivery


Topman’s production facilities include five fully-integrated, world-class manufacturing units & processing house in Mumbai, India. All our units are self-sufficient and include provisions for housing, recreation, and a strong support system for employees.
All our manufacturing plants & processing house have been set up with state-of-the-art machinery to meet international product standards. We have warping equipment from India and Belgium and weaving machines from Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany. Our latest manufacturing facilities comprise of Rapier, Sulzer, Donear and Picanol looms. Also our processing house comprises of Stenter machine. We have recently added Jacquard weaving machines, Karlmayer sizing and high-speed Airjet weaving machines to our manufacturing units. With world-class manufacturing technology, TOPMAN manufactures high quality elegant shirting and suiting in various blends, widths and weaves.


Production Capacity

With 5 fully functional manufacturing plants, our current production is 1.3 million metres per month. We have the ability to produce fabrics of the width range from 36” to110”. With our qualified and dedicated workforce, TOPMAN also has the capacity to process fabric up to 3 million metres per month.
We provide customized services to our clients. To facilitate this, we have a fully equipped in-house design studio that presents new developments in the market using the latest fabric designing softwares and handlooms. Our design studio boosts of exclusive designs, vibrant patterns and talented designers to facilitate constantly evelving fashion trends.


Quality & Delivery

The emphasis at TOPMAN has always been on quality. We ensure that quality standards are met by conducting strict inspections at all production stages, right from the loom stage to packaging.
We supply fabrics to some of the leading brands in India and abroad. Our passion for quality has been appreciated by clients in the quality-conscious Middle East, European and Latin American markets.
On-time delivery is of prime importance to us and we make special efforts to ensure that deadlines are met for every order.